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Account Research

Need a copy of an old statement or a front and back copy of a check? Feel free to give us a call at Palmer or Barnes and we will be happy to help you out.

Bank by Mail

We offer, free of charge, Bank by Mail deposit slips and envelopes to all our customers. Just fill out the deposit slip, keep the bottom (pink) copy for your records and mail us the rest with the check(s) you would like deposited in the provided envelope. When we receive your transaction we will mail back to you the receipt (yellow) copy of your deposit slip and a new set of Bank by Mail supplies.

Copies & Faxes

We can help you with any of you copy needs. We also offer faxing services, both outgoing and incoming. Fees apply.

Debit Cards

We offer Debit cards in conjunction with all of our checking accounts. The cards are accepted at any establishment or ATM around the world where MasterCard is accepted. Debit cards are used just like a credit card, however instead of you getting a bill at the end of the month the funds come directly out of your account, just like a check. And as an added bonus all debit card transactions do not count toward your check count in conjunction with your service charge. (Example: Low Balance checking allows for 10 checks before excess fees are assessed, you could have 20 debit card transactions and still no excess fees.)

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Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Bank of Palmer sells licenses, permits and stamps through the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks (KDWP). Proper ID required for all sales. Fees determined by the KDWP.

Money Orders

We offer Personal Money Orders for our customers’ convenience. When buying or selling large items such as cars and boats many people are hesitant to take personal checks, but a Money Order may be an acceptable alternative. Fees apply.

Night Deposit

For the safety and convenience of our customers we offer a 24 hour night depository on the east side of our Barnes bank.
* Available at the Barnes branch only!

Notary Services

Notary services are provided to both our customers and non-customers. For your protection we may require proper identification. * A reminder: Do not sign any document needing to be notarized until you are in front of the notary public.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your valuable and important documents from theft, fire, and natural disaster. We offer a variety of sizes for your convenience. For added convenience the annual rent can be deducted from your Bank of Palmer checking or savings account. For box availability and fees please feel free to call or stop in.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) does not cover the contents of safe deposit boxes. Each box should be treated as a storage space rented to you by the bank. Any and all insurance would be your sole responsibility.

Wire Transfers

We offer incoming and outgoing wire transfer of funds to all Bank of Palmer customers. Fees Apply.

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